Patidar Vivah® is a Kadva Patel, Leuva/Leva Patel community's most useful and trusted matrimonial website and mobile application which is developed for the Patidar community's brides and grooms who are seeking a life partner for themselves. is the matrimonial mobile application and website designed for young men and women of Patidar Samaj. Patidar Vivah includes Kadva Patel and Leuva / Leva Patel communities.

Patidar Vivah is the most trusted institution for match-making in Patidar Samaj which includes almost every small/big Samaj of the Patel community.

    The features of Patidar Vivah are as per below::
  • - Free registration of your biodata is done in Patidar marriage
  • - More than 60,000+ biodata of young men and women of Patel Samaj have been registered.
  • - User-friendly interface and easy partner search options
  • - Express your interest in shortlisted matches
  • - Shortlist and save potential matches is made for Kadva Patidar and Leva / Leva Patidar community's brides and grooms.

You can find brides and grooms from different professions, educational backgrounds, regions, and sub-castes, the purpose of our database are to provide you with the best possible match to find the love of your life. Download the mobile application named "Patidar Vivah" from the android play store OR Apple App store today and find your spouse.

We are sure that Patidar Vivah will help you to find your partner very well.

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અમારી મોબાઇલ એપ્લિકેશન દ્વારા સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી તમારા હાથમાં!
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